this is temporary sanity, an exercise in vanity

delia. i live in the states, and spend most of my online time reading fiction, with the occasional bought of writing. i have issues with commitment and am very fickle where fandoms are concerned.

real life stuff is f-locked, but it's not very interesting anyway. all my fics (however few there are) are all free for public veiwing.

warning: many of my ships are slash (m/m) in nature, possibly even incestuous. as of yet, there isn't anything too explicit in my journal, but that may change without notice.


tea stain theory
my fandoms change constantly, so chances are i'm not active in all of these at any given time. these are only my main otps, and i'm open to many other pairings

harry potter: harry/draco, remus/sirius.

beyblade: tyson/kai.

iron man: tony/pepper, tony/rhodey.

powerpuff girls: ppg/rrb

star trek: kirk/spock, kirk/bones.

merlin: arthur/merlin.rpf: skandar keynes/william moseley, michael phelps/ryan lochte, david cook/david archuleta, adam lambert/kris allen
all my works, unless specified otherwise, are fanfiction. i do not own or claim to own any of the fandoms that i write and participate in.
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